Lesson Plans on the Sun

Lesson Plans On The Sun

Lesson plans on the Sun (and other space activities)


Are you ready to shock your students with the knowledge that the sun is a star?! Then you need the best lesson plans on the sun! 

The Sun & other Stars Learning Quest is just one of the digital activities you’ll find in our Space Activities Digital Learning Quest Bundle! 

Complete with interactive learning activities about the sun, solar system, moon, and space exploration, this digital learning quest bundle is the perfect bundle to help your students explore the galaxy! No prep needed from you, but with all the amazing research activities you want for your students.

In the Sun & other Stars Learning Quest students will use activities like labeling the stars from Hot to Cold to learn about different stars. Students will also make comparisons between what they can see in the sky during the day vs.the night. These are just some of the many interactive activities students will use to research the sun & other stars.   


Beyond the lesson plans on the sun & other stars, this bundle also includes a separate learning quest all about the Solar System! 



In the Solar System Learning Quest, students will be introduced to planets. They will learn about Inner Planets & Outer planets. Students will read about the different types of planets, learn their names, and then demonstrate their understanding  through interactive activities. At the end, students will take a short quiz. The solar system learning quest also makes connections back to the sun, so students build on what they previously learned. 


Phases of the Moon Lesson Plans

If you are looking for lesson plans on the sun, then you’ll also want phases of the moon lesson plans! You can’t teach about the sun and not the moon! 

One of the other amazing things about this Learning Quest Bundle? It includes a complete digital learning quest JUST about the Moon! 

Let your students take control of their learning in a guided journey of the moon. Students will easily move through their research using Google Slides or Seesaw. Want to give your students a break from digital lessons? Not a problem, print out the different pages of the learning quest. 




Students will begin their exploration of the moon with a Know vs. Wonder graphic organizer. Then they will listen to or read a text about the surface of the moon. Next, they will complete activities that teach them about the phases of the moon. This learning quest also includes a fun true or false activity called “Moon Myths!” 


Similar to the lesson plans on the sun found in the Sun & Stars Learning Quest, this learning quest provides complete phases of the moon lesson plans. At the end of this quest, your students can consider themselves experts on the moon! 


Most of your students will be excited to learn about the sun & moon. Some may even want to know more! Don’t worry, we have you covered! 



This Space activities bundle will take your students on a complete learning adventure through space! This bundle will provide you with lesson plans about the sun, phases of the moon lesson plans, plus more lesson plans about the solar system and exploring space. 


Each individual learning quest comes ready to use with several activities to each & assess your students in several core standards. No prep needed! Using all 4 learning quests in the bundle will allow students to practice these skills several times throughout the year. 


With this bundle in hand, you know you have all you need to engage your students through rigorous content. You also know that you will be able to appeal to all of your students’ different interests. 


Grab your Space Activities Bundle today and be prepared for teaching tomorrow & beyond! 


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