Mindfulness at Home: Distance Learning

It’s Time to Focus on Mindfulness

As educators and parents ourselves, we have been navigating social distancing, distance learning, and parenting during the coronavirus crisis. We love to find fun ideas to help students, teachers and parents to reset, refocus and give yourselfe the strength to move along. Now, this blog article goes beyond your standard Elementary Lesson Plan, however, it’ll leave you and your students feeling focused and free. 

Our children range from toddler age to teenagers and we are STRUGGLING! Amidst the pandemic, our children’s lives and schedules have been flipped upside down. It has caused boredom, anxiety, and restlessness.

During these unprecedented times, parents and teachers need resources to help children cope with change and uncertainty. There has been a focus on academics through distance learning during the pandemic, however we feel it is crucial to support the emotional needs of the students through mindful activities.

Practicing Mindful Activities at Home

The practice of mindful activities has been proved to ease children’s anxieties and fears. We have created a wonderful resource to help families easily incorporate mindfulness into their daily routines, or to use in moments when children are struggling and need a mindful break.

Mindful Activities at Home is digital or printable to offer flexible options for families. It includes activities for mindful breathing, movement (kids yoga), journaling emotions, and affirmations. The simple instructions make it easy for families to follow and start them instantly.




Mindful Activities at Home Includes:


Mindful movement gives kids an opportunity to take a healthy break from the hustle and bustle of the day.  Mindful movements allow kids to slow down, connect with themselves, and relax.  

Yoga Cards make it easy for kids to practice mindful movement. The poses and instructions are simple to follow.

Our Mindful Movements Game is a collection of themed yoga movements. Each theme contains three types of movements: #1 is a front to back movement. #2 is a side-to-side movement. #3 is an up and down movement. We included instructional videos to help kids master the movements. Kids love them!


Mindful Affirmations are positive words or phrases that are repeated out loud or in the mind.  Affirmations are anchors that you come back to when you are stressed, down, or distracted.    

Mindful Affirmations can help kids change negative thoughts into positive ones and manage stress in a healthy way. 

Affirmation Deck

The affirmation deck is a fun way for kids to repeat positive affirmations to themselves. We included a blank deck and reference sheet if kids want to create their own affirmation cards.

Affirmation Mirror

The affirmation mirror is a great way for kids to say positive things to themselves. It’s a great way to start the day or use whenever a mindful break is needed.

Affirmation Desk Tent

Kids can select an affirmation desk tent or design their own to place on their desk as a reminder to repeat a positive affirmation throughout the day.


Journaling helps kids to be mindful of their emotions by identifying how they are feeling and why they are feeling so. If students can identify the reason they are feeling a certain way, they can better manage their emotions.

Journal Pages

Our journal pages are differentiated for all the grade levels. We also included several emotion reference sheets to help kids identify their feelings.


Mindful Breathing is one of the most immediate and effective strategies to calm anxiety and stress. It can also be a great way to bring kids’ attention back to learning as they learn how to refocus when they are distracted.

Breathing Cards 

Breathing cards are a set of simple breathing exercises with simple instructions. Kids can pull them out anytime they want to practice mindful breathing. Instructional videos are included to make it super easy to follow.

Breathing Games

These hands on breathing games are a creative way for kids to practice mindful breathing.

Click the download button to try some of our mindful activities for FREE. Download our Mindfulness at Home Freebie, today!

To find more helpful information, visit Child Mind Institute or Mindful.org.

While you’re distance learning, we hope these resources will help your students and their families practice mindfulness at home. Click on the image below to purchase Mindfulness at Home.

-The Core Coaches

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