You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about mindfulness.

Mindfulness is calmly acknowledging our thoughts and feelings without judgment and accepting them without being overwhelmed by them. 

Mindfulness can teach students how to manage stress in a healthy way- allowing them to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. You can learn more about how to implement mindfulness in the classroom here. We have designed a collection of mindful activities for students who need to take a mindful break. Mindful breaks are a great way for students to positively self regulate inside the classroom environment.


Mindful Breaks

Mindful Breaks give our students permission to pause, breathe, and take a break in the classroom. They are a collection of engaging, calming, mindful activities to help kids prepare to learn and focus throughout the school day.

Mindful Breaks can be used at any time throughout the day.  We implement them when our student(s) needs a break or at times where mindfulness could benefit our kids.

We allow our students to take Mindful Breaks as needed. Sometimes we have them complete a reflection sheet once they are finished to reflect on their break. The management of mindful breaks can be managed any way you choose.

Set Up

We use mindful activities to represent each letter of the word BREAK.  Each word represents a different aspect of mindfulness.


We believe students need exposure to a variety of mindful breaks. Kids need different types of mindful breaks, depending on their emotions at any given moment.  

Organization of the activities is flexible. We choose one activity per category to place in the Mindful Break bin. We rotate activities in the bin when we feel our kids need something new.   


You can try one of our mindful affirmation breaks for free. Students love making these mindful affirmation bracelets to help remind them they are awesome and can do great things. Visit our free resource library to get the mindful affirmation freebie.


If you are interested in implementing Mindful Breaks in your classroom, we have made it super easy to start ASAP. Click here to purchase these print-and-go Mindful Breaks and Mindfulness at Home.

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