Mindfulness Activities for the Classroom



Help Student take Mindful Brain Breaks

Focus on your students’ needs throughout the day by offering quick and simple brain breaks to help them focus on their own mindful practices in the classroom. The purpose of these mini-breaks is to establish focus, refocus, energize, or calm your students. Mindful breaks can take less than 5 minutes. These breaks can be part of your classroom management activities. 

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Practicing Mindfulness in the Classroom gives students permission to pause, breathe, and take a break during the busy school day.  By offering your students mindfulness practices, you can instill strategies to help them independently manage stress in a healthy way- which in turn helps them to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.


  • Mindful Affirmations is a positive words or phrases that we repeat out loud, or in the mind. Mindful affirmations teach students a healthy way to handle every day stresses including academic, social and emotional stress. When practiced regularly, the students will learn to use this positive coping mechanism when stress happens outside of the classroom.
  • Mindful Journaling – When a student calm is feeling overwhelmed or anxious, we encourage our students to practice mindful moments journaling. Mindful moments journaling give students an opportunity to cope with and manage their emotions in a healthy way.
  • Mindful Calm Down Corner are organized activities will engage student while promoting calmness. The various activities are each designed to help your students prepare to learn and focus throughout the school day.
  • Mindful Brain Breaks are activities, or short breaks, that promote learning and focus for students. Mindful Brain Break activities include mindful breathing, mindful movements and mindful yoga.

Mindful Practices take a few short minutes and are meant to be used anytime during the school day or class period. The benefit of these practices is that they are adaptable to YOUR classroom! You may choose to implement Mindful Practices once a day or multiple times throughout the day. You may also establish a schedule, choose to have students suggest what they need through a choice board, or determine needs through your own intuition.  

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