Morning Greetings: Hug, Handshake, High-Five, or Fistbump

morning greeting circles


When I was a classroom teacher, I moved from Utah to Virginia. In our first back to school meeting my new principal asked all teachers to greet students at the classroom door each morning.  Prior to this request, I hadn’t given much thought to my morning routine. As I reflected, I realized I typically ran around the classroom performing last minute tasks, just trying to squeeze in one more thing before all my students arrived.  I always said hello to each of my students as they came in, but never took the time to stand at the classroom door to formally greet each one.

Once I started greeting students at the door, I fell in love with it. I quickly realized how much of a difference this simple change made.  I truly believe it was a classroom game changer. Greeting students had an immediate impact on my classroom culture.  I believe that my friendly greeting helped set the tone for the day.  My students felt welcome and safe, the moment they arrived.  I feel like this practice also strengthened my relationship with each student. The brief time I spent chit-chatting with each child helped build a connection.  I could tell immediately if a student needed to talk later or needed a little extra attention that day.

I loved this time with my students so much, I decided to start and end each day with a hug, handshake, high five, or fist bump. This upcoming school year I am going to encourage the teachers at my school to begin greeting students at their doors. I know it will make a positive difference in our school.

We have made these colorful signs available on Teachers Pay Teachers. They are also editable so you can choose a different greeting or a different combination of greetings if you want.

Hope you and your students love this greeting as much as I do!



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