• Do you want your students to care about their test scores? 
  • Do you want ways to engage ALL of your students during class discussions?
  • Does your principal expect to see formative assessment in your classroom but you aren’t quite sure where to start?   

If you answered yes to these questions, we have the solution for you!  STUDENT-LED ASSESSMENT AND ACCOUNTABILITY.  


We have spent a year researching, creating, and perfecting this resource.  As a former curriculum director, current instructional coach, and classroom teacher, we can attest that this resource will completely transform the way you approach formative assessment, classroom discussion, and tracking student data.  

We strongly believe students learn best when they take ownership of their learning. All three of these resources will help you implement student-led assessment and accountability for your classroom management process.

All of the resources included in this AMAZING, GAME-CHANGING bundle come in a printable or digital format.

This bundle includes:

Student Data Tracker

  • This student friendly data folder, sometimes called trackers or portfolios, with help your students take ownership over their learning.
  • This resource allows students to track their growth in all subject areas, set goals, and reflect on their work.
  • This data tracker is the perfect tool for students to present their learning to parents during student-led / parent teacher conferences.

Exit Tickets

  • These 20 exit tickets are super creative and offer a huge variety of ways for students to reflect on and demonstrate their understanding of a concept or learning target.

Formative Assessment

  • These checking for understanding strategies are quick, casual ways to make sure everybody’s on board.
  • This ready-to-go bundle of formative assessment tools will help you easily deploy quick, effective strategies that keep kids engaged and accountable during lessons and inform your instruction along the way.

We are very confident you will love this resource as much as we do!

Happy Teaching!

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