Back-to-School Bulletin Board Ideas

Maybe you’ve been scrolling through pinterest while sitting at the pool, adding new pins for bulletin board ideas … maybe you had a great idea for a bulletin board last year that you didn’t get to use because, you know, your classroom was on a computer … or maybe bulletin boards are the bain of your existence –  the reason you seriously considered becoming a secondary school teacher … except, you love teaching the kiddos who still love to see you every day! 

Whatever your bulletin board whoas or WOWs may be… The Core Coaches are here to support you! We will guide you through the wonderful (or overwhelming) world of Bulletin Board ideas! 

Do you need a bulletin board?

Yes.Yes you do. If you are an elementary school teacher, bulletin boards come with the territory. Why? Why do you need a bulletin board? Is it JUST about aesthetics? No! 

Yes, you want your bulletin boards to look nice. Yes, you want them to be eye-catching and easy to read. It’s not just to have a pretty classroom though. It’s so that your students want to look at them. 

Bulletin Boards are for the students! That’s the biggest reason why you want a bulletin board (or two) in your classroom. Bulletin boards support students’ learning.



Bulletin board ideas (and how they support students in the classroom)

Bulletin boards provide a consistent space for your students to see important information. You may use a bulletin board for classroom procedures, like lining up for recess, or getting ready for story-time. Having this information on a bulletin board gives students a consistent place to look when they need a reminder. It is also a good teaching tool. You can use the bulletin board to review procedures easily throughout the year (we remember what it was like coming back after winter break!). 


Bulletin boards help engage students in learning. Have a new unit coming up? Put clues about the upcoming unit on the bulletin board!  Seeing these clues will peak your students’ interest. Then, when you begin the unit, your students will already be excited to learn about it. 

Bulletin boards are a great way to teach students during a unit

You can use a bulletin board to remind students of key concepts like vocabulary words. Being able to see these words every day helps reinforce the students’ learning. This could also be done with sight words, or even math equations. 


Bulletin boards are a great way to build classroom community. Use a bulletin board for student of the month, or to showcase students’ work. Art projects, science hypotheses, creative writing,  and even math outcomes can all be celebrated on a bulletin board! 

Now you know why bulletin boards are important, and some ways you could use them. What’s next? How do you actually come up with bulletin board ideas & implement them in your classroom? 

Well, we told you we were here to support you. So, whatever your classroom goal, we have bulletin board ideas for you! 

Our favorite bulletin board ideas

1. Let’s start with the basics.

What is the first thing you do when kids come back to school? Classroom procedures. Posting classroom procedures on a bulletin board is always beneficial for your class so you can refer to them regularly. This Back to School Classroom Procedures Bulletin Board is the perfect place to begin! Also, you may like: Back to School bulletin board ideas

2. What would back to school be without a “getting to know you” activity?

Use a back to school bulletin board to help students share who they are, and get to know their peers. Try this Back to School All about Me Writing Activity that creates a beautifully displayed student-centered bulletin board.

Unique Back to School Bulletin Boards

3.  Want something you can keep up all year long?

Try a mindfulness bulletin board. You can keep a series of mindfulness suggestions up all year long. You can also put new mindfulness practices up each quarter. Our Growth Mindset Bulletin board is the perfect place to begin. You can use this for back to school, or all year long. 

Simple Back to School Bulletin Boards

Whatever your style or goal, these bulletin boards have everything you need. These bulletin board ideas will not only make your room visually appealing, but engage your students!  

The Core Coaches love bulletin boards! We think bulletin boards are important for student learning. We love a visually appealing bulletin board. We also love things that are SIMPLE, yet effective! You do NOT need to spend hours making a bulletin board. 

These bulletin board ideas are done for you! All you need to do is print & assemble! Then, use the rest of your time to make-up for hours lost in faculty meetings, and get some extra time to prepare to welcome your students back to school. 

Back to School Classroom Procedure Sort 


Back to School All About Me Writing 


Back to School Growth Mindset Sort


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