how to build classroom community with sHOUTOUTS

Use Positive Shoutouts to Build Classroom Community

Classroom shoutouts are quick, easy and effective way to help teachers build your classroom community. As teachers, we know that students react far better to positive reinforcement than negative interactions. With this in mind, I created SHOUT-OUTS as a way to acknowledge the positive behavior and academic achievements of the students in my classroom.

When my students are cheering each other on, it positively influences our classroom culture.  Every time a student does something great or our class rocks it, we give a SHOUT-OUT. Kids LOVE it! Learn more about classroom community as part of our 7 Core Teaching Strategies

Examples of Shout-Outs that Build Classroom Community

  • Saying thank you
  • Celebrating positive behavior or cooperation
  • Recognizing effort or perseverance
  • Rewarding academic performance
  • Praising individuals

I taught my class one new SHOUT-OUT a day and then added the circle to an anchor chart. The anchor chart helps us quickly reference our SHOUT-OUTS when we need them throughout the day.  

Examples of shoutouts to build Classroom Community

  • Teacher cues, “Let’s give a UNICORN SHOUT-OUT.” Students automatically put their finger on their head like a unicorn and say, “You’re magical.”
  • Teacher cues, “That deserves an Koala SHOUT-OUT.” Students immediately give a thumbs up and say, “That was Koala-ty work.”
  • Teacher says, “Give (student) a Drum Roll please.” Students quickly pat hands on thighs. After a few seconds, they clap hands together like cymbals while making a crashing sound.

We direct our SHOUT-OUTS towards the whole class, an individual, a pair, or a small group. I use them to acknowledge student achievements, efforts, or behavior throughout the day. Students have even started telling me when they notice a classmate that deserves a SHOUT-OUT. How awesome is that?!

Simple and Quick Shoutouts for Classroom Community.

Here are 3 videos of my class doing some of the shout-outs. They learned them all very quickly. They especially love giving a shout-out to parent volunteers or other visitors who come in our classroom during the day.

Robot Cheer
You’re Sharp
Crab Clap

These SHOUT-OUTS will become an integral part of your classroom culture. Kids of all ages love them and you can start them at any time during the year.

We have provided multiple ways to use and display SHOUT-OUTS.  As you introduce them to students, you can use the posters with the written direction to help everyone remember the words.

This resource includes:

  • Teacher reference sheets
  • Printable circles to create a classroom chart, loose leaf ring, or bulletin board
  • Editable template to digitally create your own printable SHOUT-OUT poster
  • Cards to create a SHOUT-OUT banner or display

We have even provided video examples of each SHOUT-OUT.

Our shout-outs are available in our shop. Click on the image below to purchase.

class cheers for acknowledging good
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