Digital Calendar Math

Replace your wall calendar and save bulletin board space by doing all your calendar math digitally!

Calendar math provides a set time for crucial math review each day. The basic idea of calendar math is that students practice and review math standards they need to learn in a fun and repetitive way everyday.  For example, first grade students might practice standards such as: place value, numbers (expanded form, number word, even/odd), ten frames, tally marks, hundred’s chart, graphing, counting money, fact families, telling time, patterns, and many other grade-appropriate standards during calendar math.

Sadly, we have noticed less and less teachers utilizing calendar math in their classrooms. Reasons vary from not finding enough time, lacking wall space, or having difficultly keeping track of the pieces and numbers.

Do you share some of the same reasons for not implementing calendar math in your classroom? We found a solution! You can replace your wall calendar and save bulletin board space by doing all your calendar math digitally! Digital calendar math makes calendar time simple and you don’t have to worry about looking for numbers or missing pieces while trying to keep the students focused. Everything you need is movable and can be projected during calendar time.


You can easily project the slides from PowerPoint or Google Slides in your classroom.

Want to know the best part? If you are a 1:1 classroom or doing distance learning you can assign the slides for students to complete along side you. We also provided a printable worksheet so students can follow along with your instruction.

We also added slides for a daily feeling reflection and a personal affirmation because we believe when students think or express mindful affirmations it teaches them how to manage stress in a healthy way- allowing them to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. Do you teach affirmations in your class? You can learn more about Mindful Affirmations here.  

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To check out our Digital Calendar Math click the image below to see all of digital activities that are included.


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Happy teaching!

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