Teaching about Earth Day

Teaching About Earth Day

We love teaching about Earth Day in our Classrooms.

Teachers, you have made it to Spring! After all the work you’ve done in planning & teaching (and surviving) this school year, we hope you’ll give yourself some time to breathe this month! 

Download a few Spring Worksheets, or one of our FREEBIES that are perfect for teaching about Earth day! Earth Day activities for first grade are our specialty in the Spring!

Here at The Core Coaches, we know that sometimes simple is exactly what a teacher needs! So we wanted to provide you with something simple (and maybe a bit more engaging than Spring Worksheets), to use for teaching about Earth Day! 

This month we are providing you with several FREEBIES that are the PERFECT Earth Day Activities for First Grade! Plus, you’ll find our Earth Day Lesson + Learning  Activities are  perfect activity for teaching about Earth Day! Checkout all of our Earth Day Activities for First Grade below!


EARTH DAY : One of our favorite Earth day Activities for First Graders!

Earth Day is the perfect time to engage your students in research! Earth Day also happens to come at a time of year that as a teacher, you may not feel quite as excited to do the research needed for preparing an engaging research activity. We get it! That is why we did all the work for you! No prep needed from you, but with all the amazing research activities you would want to prep for your students, this digital learning quest is the perfect Earth Day activity for your first & second grade students! 


Covering topics like “reduce, reuse, recycle” & answering questions like “what happens to our trash?”  your students will learn about several different factors related to Earth Day!  Beyond just learning about Earth Day, your students will also research how their own actns impact the earth: determining how their actions can be helpful or harmful, and deciding how they can help the earth!

Compatible with Google Slides & SeeSaw, as well as being printable, this digital learning quest is the perfect research activity to help ALL of your students (both in-person & online)  learn about Earth Day! 



EARTH DAY SORT: Inn this digital & printable source, students demonstrate their understanding of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle as they “Sort it Out.” 

Complete with several images for each situation, students are able to analyze all of the options easily & then determine which of the 3 “Rs” is the best action. The 3 column chart allows students to easily organize their decisions, while also providing the teacher a quick & easy way to assess their students’ understanding of reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

EARTH DAY BINGO: Earth day Bingo is the perfect way to introduce (or review) words associated with Earth Day! 

In this game of Bingo, each word is supported by a matching image. The images help your students make visual connections with the words, to further support  their vocabulary development. The images & words also introduce students to familiar recycling symbols, helping them connect what they learn about Earth Day with images they may see outside of the classroom. 

MICHAEL RECYCLE” READ-ALOUD (We promise, it’s better than Spring Worksheets!) 

What would an Earth Day unit be without a lesson on Recycling! 

This printable or digital read-aloud lesson plan pack is the perfect companion for teaching the adorable book, about a town’s recycling superhero, Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel. 

Complete with rigorous text dependent questions, differentiated graphic organizers, response to text writing activities AND a craftivity, your students are sure to enjoy these interactive lessons that allow them to engage with, and learn from, Michael Recycle!  

And who knows, by the end of the week, you may just have a handful of your own first or second  graders that are ready to become your town’s  own recycling superheroes!  





This is the perfect culminating activity to end your Earth Day Unit!  In this Earth Day Writing Craft, students are asked to respond to the prompt, “I can help the Earth by…” which allows students to make connections between what they learned in the classroom & how it relates to their personal lives. 

Making personal & real world connections to their  learning is imperative for engaging students in their academics, and writing is one of the best ways for students to explore this connection! Whether they write about how they plan to recycle at home, throw away their trash, or become an Earth Day Superhero, you are sure to be inspired by your students’ new awareness of Earth Day from their learning & inquiry!


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